Recent Work

Here you can find my recent work across the web. Get an idea for the kind of work I can do for you or have fun reading more if you already love what you've seen!


How to go Thrift Shopping Like a Pro (for Ezer Magazine)

I don’t know about you but I LOVE clothes and shopping but my bank account usually gives me the side eye whenever I try to go on a big shopping spree. I also tend to fall out of love with my clothes really easily...


6 Outfits That Will Steal the Show This Fourth of July (for Ezer Magazine)

If you take the Fourth of July seriously at all, you know that one of the more fun ways to show your spirit for Independence Day is by wearing the perfect red, white, and blue ensemble...


Your Summer Reading List (for Odyssey)

I don’t know about you, but for me any break from school immediately becomes a mass consumption of media. Of all types. I take a consistently rigorous course load throughout the school year and I simply don’t have much time to dedicate to reading for pleasure...