A Story We Tell Forever

Getting Started

How It Works


Tell Me Your Story

Let’s start at the very beginning

You’ve told this story a million times and it’s such a privilege that you’ve decided to share it with me too! We’ll get cozy as you recount all the little details about your unique story. I want to hear everything; how you met, how you started dating, what you love about each other, the first kiss, everything! While you reminisce, I’ll be recording to make sure every important detail is preserved.


Trust Me With Your Story

Where the magic happens

While you’re busy planning the details for your big day or living your best lives, I’ll be transforming our interview into a beautifully crafted tale. When I’ve finished writing, you get to see a draft before it all comes together. I’ll help you pick out the perfect presentation for your story and then it’s off to the presses!

Read Your Story

the Most exciting part

Once you’ve approved your draft and given the ok on all the details, your story will be delivered to you bound in a beautiful keepsake book we call your Forever Book. As a cornerstone of your legacy together, this is an actual physical book that you can place on your shelf or coffee table and share with all of your loved ones including future generations.


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