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Upstate New York

Sometimes though, it all gets a bit much and being delayed on public transportation four times in a week and having to carry all of your groceries up a 3-story walk-up and waiting behind a long line of tourists to do something you find commonplace start to lose their charm. When this happens and you need to get away for a breath of real, fresh air, you plan a trip upstate. Which is exactly what my sister and I did a couple of weeks ago.

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S T L R Live at AP Café

In the heart of Brooklyn’s Jefferson Street district sits the unassuming AP Café. By day, the café is the typical hipster coffee shop/fresh food spot. The clean aesthetics and minimalist storefront are attractive to the millennial and millennial at heart and their back room is host to yoga, meditation, and creative events. Some nights though, like the first Saturday this august, are a very different story.

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A Day in Williamsburg

I was so excited to see Rebecca and Daniel and for the day-trip we had planned to go to Williamsburg! Becca and I had both grown up going to Williamsburg but hadn’t been back in years while this was Daniel’s first time ever!

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