Introducing Me


Does anyone else feel like the hardest question in a job interview is “So, tell me a little about yourself…”? For me, I don’t ever know where to begin. Some people are “artists” or “brokers” or “logistics specialists” or “moms” or “actors” or whatever other label they choose to identify themselves by. I prefer to think of myself as a renaissance woman. My interests are widely varied but I’m almost equally as passionate about each one as the next. Which makes “introducing myself” a little difficult, but here goes!

So, starting with what’s most exciting in my life right now and just covering the basics: I just moved to New York City two weeks ago (today!!) and I’m getting settled into my apartment in Queens. It’s the first time I’ve ever lived in an apartment (except for my dorm freshman year of college, if you even count that) and I’m realizing I might be a little too nosy for this! Every time I hear people in the hallway or coming up the stairs I want to open my door and see what’s going on.


I moved here to pursue writing and content creation but I’m also really open to many different paths (see “renaissance woman” above) so I’m excited to get into a routine and see where this new adventure takes me. As you may be able to tell from the fact that I even have this blog, I love to write! People often ask me what kinds of things I like to write and the answer is anything. Some of my favorite things to write are personal essays but I also enjoy writing poetry and content for articles and magazines and someday I would even love to write a novel if I can come up with the discipline it takes for that (I already have the title picked out).

If I’m not writing or reading you can find me pretty much anywhere doing pretty much anything. I’m a huge fan of any good art museum (seriously, ask me about my opinion on the Prado vs. the Louvre), I am extremely crafty; quilting/sewing, paper crafts, and cross stitching are some of my favorites, and I’ll even spend the whole day at the movies by myself. I’ve also spent quite a bit of time traveling and I’m always looking forward to my next trip. Also, chances are, I’ll write about all of that too!


There’s so much more to me than can be put into a short blog post so stick around as I continue to introduce myself in the coming months through blog and Instagram content. I’ve got some really exciting things coming up and I’m so pleased that you’re joining me in all of it

All the photos in this post were taken by my dear fried Rebecca of  R. May Photography   (@r.mayphotography)  at  Deep Creek Vintage  in Spotsylvania, VA

All the photos in this post were taken by my dear fried Rebecca of R. May Photography (@r.mayphotography) at Deep Creek Vintage in Spotsylvania, VA

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