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An Exerpt from Becca and daniel’s love story

“After that day, Becca knew she wanted to spend more time alone with Daniel outside of their work environment. While she was on vacation at Disney for spring break with her best friend, she texted him to find out when they could hang out again. Again, this was something she normally wouldn’t have done but something about the way she felt for Daniel told her to go for it. So, she did. They made plans to go kayaking when she came back from spring break.

Daniel picked her up this time and they went to McArthur State Park. They were quiet on the water, still getting used to each other’s company but on the drive home things picked up. As they rode together, Becca and Daniel addressed their feelings for each other. They talked about relationships and told each other they liked one another. They were both excited to finally say it and hear it and know where they stood.”

Audio Sample

How often do you get to tell your whole story? When you choose the “We Do” or “Happily Ever After” Collections, the audio from our interview is edited and preserved so the passion in your voice is never lost.


An Excerpt from sarah and caleb’s Love story

“Shortly after their one month anniversary, Sarah and Caleb went to the drive-in for a Friday night date. It was a double feature and Sarah, sleepy as ever, fell asleep during the second movie. Caleb let her nap and then woke her up when it was time to go home. When they got back to campus, they went for a walk to spend a little more time together since they couldn’t go to each other’s dorms due to school policy. As they walked around campus Caleb stopped walking and pulled her close. He said, “I would very much like to kiss you now.” Sarah told him he could and so he did. And it was bad.

This was not only their first kiss together, but their first kisses individually too so neither one of them knew what they were doing. But they knew that they liked each other. Even though, technically, it was not a good kiss, they both enjoyed it and were able to laugh about it afterwards. And they’ve gotten better since then.”

Telling our story was such a fun experience and reading the finished product was truly a special moment for us. All of the important memories were captured and now they’re in a beautiful book that we can read forever. I can’t wait to read this to our kids someday!

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